Sadony Farm


  The concept of Sadony Farm at the Valley of the Pines, with it’s farm, museum, and educational center, dates back to the early 1900’s with Joseph’s vision of a sanctuary of which to live, teach, and provide a place of peace and comfort to those in need.  A place for those who wish to search for the truth about God, man and the Universe.

In the Valley of the Pines we wish to continue on with Joseph’s vision , to share with others the incredible magnitude of his interests as well as to display Joseph Sadony’s most astonishing experiments, vast collections, and the beauty that is The Valley of the Pines.


  1. To restore the property and preserve The Valley of the Pines for future generations through the formation of a trust.

  2. To share Joseph Sadony’s physiological foundations and scientific investigations into mental phenomena and prophetic intuition.  Sharing his experiments of the principles and correlation of chemistry, physics, biology, electricity, magnetism, radiant energy, and physiology.

  3. To provide educational opportunities in a historic farm setting.  To explain the interplay between technology and trades dating from the early 1900’s and how these elements have changed over time to bring us to the present day.

  4. To continue the exploration of philosophy and the arts to include classes in creative writing, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, gardening, and self sufficiency as well as traditional crafts,

  5. To provide a natural wildlife habitat haven along Sadony Bayou, restore the gardens to provide a place of exceptional beauty and diversity through the formation of an arboretum, and a retreat center for visitors to reflect, meditate, share and rejuvenate themselves in a setting close to nature