From The Valley of the Pines
by Joseph A. Sadony
By Joseph SadonyFirst SeriesThis is the first editions of the first issue of a new series of booklets by Joseph Sadony. It is not for sale, being limited to 500 copies privately printed in the United States of America at “The Valley Press”. for the sole purpose of stimulating new thoughts in the minds of a select number of friends and thinkers who will receive it as a gift from the author.

The “enLIGHT’NING FLASHes” collected and arranged as representative releases of an editorial page feature written by Mr. Sadony for newspaper syndication. Each page represents a day’s release of this feature. Per mission will be granted to use the following pages for this purpose, by application to sustain this feature indefinitely as an epigrammatically contribution to the stimulation of the preventive thought. Mr. Sadony writes a daily column (now in it’s 18th year) for the Muskegon (Michigan) Chronicle. Founder and Director of the “Educational Research Laboratories”, Mr. Sadony is widely known for his thought-provoking philosophy and psychology of Prevenient Education.

  • The Valley Press.

I HOLD THIS to be self-evident in past history: when communities and nations become crowded by thoughtless, selfish minds, they become over-balanced, lose sight of morals, destroy life and confiscate property. Then after the storm of bloodshed, which relieves the pressure, again comes a new epoch; but toward a higher level of ethics, in search of the arts and sciences destroyed. New and better ones are acquired, lifting man out of the mire and lust and dust of degradation that awakens the soul within to reflect its precepts and principles of God.

  • Joseph Sadony
    The Valley of the Pines
    Montague, Michigan.


THERE IS GREAT NEED of gathering Thinkers together to lead the non-thinkers. We must give the diamond of Truth a setting of Human Flesh.

  • Joseph Sadony Valley of the Pines December 1947

By Joseph Sadony

GOOD IDEAS, like money should be in circulation to better the world’s population.

THE REASON MOST MEN WEAR OUT is because they don’t know how to transform the beautiful things around them into energy and enthusiasm.

WE FEAR for what we doubt in our own.

THE SAME POWER THAT CREATES is there waiting only for an instant of unbalance to burst its bonds of destruction.

WHEN YOU HERE A SHOT, don’t worry if you hear the echo.

WE ARE APT TO FORGET that the leveling of the ocean is not the affair of two drops.

THE BEST TALKER is the man who knows what to say at the right time.

AN IDLE MAN is as useful as a car stalled in traffic without gasoline; and as helpless.

IF YOU DON’T strive for a thing, someone else will use you to do so.

MAN SEES only what he feels, and feels what he longs for.

HE WHO DEFENDS HIMSELF for a virtue he does not possess, adds theft to his sin.

HAPPY IS THE MAN who can make what he needs with what he has.

LIFE is the expression of nature; but love is the expression of God.

THE DANGER in life is to feel too safe — or not safe enough.

THE MAN WHO STARTS a stampede shall be under it if he cannot direct it.

WE LEARN KNOWLEDGE by success, but wisdom from failure.

NO ONE CAN FORCE you to break your will but yourself.

THOSE GUILTY of sin are the first to believe a liar.

SOMETIMES WE THINK we become angered by someone else; but it is ourselves.

MAN MAKES WHAT HE CAN to pay for what he can’t.

IF PLEASURE makes you forget, by sorrow shall you become wise to prevent.

WITH THE SAME NUMBER there are more friends amidst poverty than in wealth.

ARE NOT YOUR LOSSES often due to unexpected profits?

HE WHO MAKES himself a slave to truth becomes a master.

THE MAN WHO KNOWS what he wants is already half way on the road to success in attaining it.

YOUR REAL ENEMY is one you allow in your home with confidence.

HE WHO HOLDS his breath and tongue the longest under waters of discord survives all calamity.

WHY NOT REMEMBER that before a storm it is always quiet and doubtful.

A WHEAT will never be a corn, no matter what fertilizer you use for it.

FAULT FINDS FAULT with itself.

WE ARE EACH a missing page of a Book, looking for the Book.

IT IS WELL to learn new swear words so we won’t get too used to the old ones.

IF YOU WANT VENGEANCE without regret, don’t interfere with God’s justice.

SOME OF US FIND a truth, and expect to spend it without having earned or paid for it.

HE WHO SAYS faith is blind, is blind to faith.

WHERE REASON can avoid extremes, logic can control them.

EAT WHEN YOU EAT and you will sleep when you sleep.

MAN IS TESTED only by his faith to endure.

ONE NEED NOT express in words what the heart never forgets.

A FOOL acts according to what he is; a wise man according to what he’d like to be.

IF A MAN can sit and listen to birds and enjoy it, he is not very far from God.

THE AUTOGRAPH on a photograph is like the handclasp with the extra grip.

WE FORGET out secret debts, then bemoan the consequences.

EVEN THE VERY GOOD can be selfish to gratify the ego to make others happy.

WHY BELIEVE AN ECHO if you have the voice?

WHEN KINGS dethrone fools, they join them.

STICK TO YOUR JOB or someone else will find yours easier than you thought.

WHEN WE DEPEND IN OUR IMPULSE we are already too late.

GOD BEGRUDGES NO ONE; it is but man who learns to cheat himself by trying to cheat others.

HE WHO HAS FAITH governs his enemies and knows it not.

WISDOM IS NOT what you have learned and forgotten, but what you may use at will.

OBEY THE SIMPLE things of life and the big things will not overthrow you.

HE WHO IS WISE has a right to judge but will not.

A THING LIGHTLY gotten is lightly kept.

A MELODY is being defiled by an instrument that is not in tune, or that has not all the keys.

THEIR OWN FAULTS would be their own discipline.

WHAT HAPPENS HERE happens all over the world; but it’s not recognized.

AFTER ALL, your success depends mostly on how you have trained your habits.

IF YOU DON’T CULTIVATE the garden of your choice, in love or life, you shall have no fruit of happiness.

ALWAYS BE CAREFUL not to try convince a fool; for he will ask you a question you cannot answer.

HOW MUCH OF YOURSELF do you conceal; then wonder why people ignore you?

THE LORD never overloads a basket.

ANYTHING THAT SELLS itself is real.

IT’S NOT WHEN YOU remember somebody, but when they remember you, that is important to you.

HE WHO CLINGS TO LIFE creeps to death.

NATURE TEARS APART all things that insist on not being as well-balanced as she is.

WHEN YOU POSSESS too much power you become blind to it; hence neglect it, only to lose it.

IT’S NO VIRTUE to be clean; it’s a necessity.

YOU MAY ACCUSE another unjustly, but your conscience disagrees.

WE LOSE THE BEAUTY OF LIFE when we have overeaten our fill of its offerings.

WHY NOT LEARN when you have enough by trying to remember when you had too much?

WE OFTEN MAKE GOOD in what we make people believe us to be.

SOME PEOPLE THINK OF DEATH just to get a kick out of life.

A MAN SHOULD NEVER assume the responsibility that he knows he will never carry.

YOUR WEAKEST ORGAN is the limitation of your strength.

DO NOT SEEK where power ends, but where it is born, to find the source of compensation.

DON’T put a horse’s harness on a goat.

THE MAN WHO DOESN’T want much is the happiest one because he isn’t disappointed.

THAT MAN IS STRONGEST who has tools and knows how to make use of them.

MAN IS CONSTANTLY hungry, looking for that which will make him hungry.

IT’S THE PERSON WHO REALLY wants who has that place waiting for him, to cash in on it.

THE GREATEST excuse for embarrassment: “Nice day, isn’t it!”

DON’T LET THE BRAIN learn so much it can’t use what it’s got.

WHO AMONG US SHALL LEAD if we look backward to imitate footprints in the sands already made?

THE MAN WHO FACES NO DANGER of any kind faces a more subtle danger: that of idleness and early old age.

GOD GIVES IS DESIRES, so through them we seek the Giver.

IF A MAN KNEW WHEN to stop talking, he would talk again; but if not, there is a big, black period.

IF YOU LOOK AND LISTEN you may be able to listen and look after the wreck of those who didn’t.

TRUTH covers a multitude of virtues.

WHEN WE DEPEND ON OUR IMPULSE, we are already too late.

THE FUNCTIONING OF INTUITION is the fruit of a simple mode of life.

YOU CAN SEE through glasses only when you have them on.

IF CHARACTER GROWS NOT with your wealth, you lose both.

IF ONE MAN does all the fighting, will he not tire himself out, to be ridiculed and condemned?

IF YOU CAN’T BE an actor, then be one of an appreciative audience.

THE MAN WHO KNOWS need never prove it. Actions that follow are self-evidence of the fact.

MANY A MAN loses his temper being forced to live up to what he made people believe he was, but wasn’t.

IGNORANT ARROGANCE ALONE is not the sin, but deception added, so false pride too may flourish.

SUFFERING TEMPERS the passions of man; it mellows and tenderizes his bestiality.

PROPHECY is man’s heritage, for which he does not grasp, stoning those who do.

WE MUST LEARN not to allow minor influences to control us; we must be conscious of our own propelling force.

CONDEMNATION has not the greatest effect to eliminate vice, but careful praise for the remaining virtue.

HE WHO CAN ACCEPT REBUKE with gratefulness will soon learn to wield a sceptor with Justice.

HE WHO LEARNS TO SUBDUE his lesser senses, acquires greater power in thought, which is the blossom of the next newborn fruit.

USE SYMPATHY and you won’t lose it.

LOVE HAS HOPE where reason dies of starvation.

IT IS NOT ALWAYS a change of mind, but a change of food, that drops the wrench in the gears.

OFTEN WE ABSORB KNOWLEDGE or food not meant for us, and of which, like a stain, we must rid ourselves in order to start anew.

DO YOU NEED A LIFETIME of experience to find out that you were born to have been what you will; and that your bulbs were born before your blossoms?

FAITH IS A LIVING BOOK of future events; history but experience of the dead.

WHEN A MAN ACQUIRES more than he deserves, that moment he loses the value and pleasure of it all.

A MAN BECOMES WISER in the attitude of aspiration than in the realization of his acquired knowledge.

IT’S NOT WHAT you make; it’s how you make it, that lives after you. “How” is it’s soul.

WHAT GOOD ARE LESSONS if you don’t learn them?

IF YOU INTEND to climb a high mountain, don’t tie yourself to relations who can’t.

YOU MUST LIVE long enough to forget your faults.

OFTEN TESTS of worthiness are made through sorrow, depressions and catastrophies. Cheer up!

HOW HAVE YOU kept house in that body of yours, to make it think the thots you do?

SCRATCH A MAKE-BELIEVE bite long enough and you soon will be obliged to heal it up.

IT IS ONLY TODAY that you may leave your mark. Fail not, good or ill, for others to behold.

THERE IS ALWAYS a future. Eternity is proof of that.

PEOPLE SEEM TO FORGET God when most in need of Him.

IT IS ONLY FALSE PRIDE that tries to exhibit a greatness that is not possessed.

THE TRUTH ANSWERS for itself if one is patient.

WHEN IN A MOB it is best to drift along, or you will be trampled upon.

DOES NOT A LITTLE BOY try to steal the apples farthest away, or go to the top shelf for jam?


PRAYING “Thy will be done” does not make it so. You’ve got to do that.

WHEN YOU DON’T know, be silent so you may.

IF YOU CAN’T walk or talk yourself out of it, think yourself out of it.

YOU MAY SEE your virtues; but the question is, do you feel them?

SO FEW SEEK THE FUTURE that those who do are alone.

OUR OWN SINS judge us; our own virtues forgive us.

HE WHO TALKS too much is baiting a trap for a hungry man who, when caught, starves to death.

IT IS ONLY A FOOL who is ever ready to call others one.

THE TRUTH is no better for your telling it, but you are better for trying to be a part of it.

IS THE OPINION of a fool more valuable than the oath of a hypocrite?

WHICH IS GREATER: an honest failure or a cheater’s success?

A BIG MAN can be simple and small; but a small man can’t afford to be big, for then he won’t live long.

CAN GOD TRUST you with the confidence of a sinner?

IF YOU ARE NOT in touch with God above the clouds, then you are under the dominion of man.

WHY DO SO MANY good ears listen to evil tongues, then wonder what blinded them?

A MAN WITH BRAINS on a tension is hurt by idle and useless things.

SWEETNESS can be surpassed only by a pinch of salt or a drop of bitter.

MANY USE THE COIN of sorrow to pay for lasting happiness.

WITHOUT A FULCRUM a crow-bar isn’t worth a darn.

WHEN A MAN DWELLS on what he has done, he shows what he can’t do, or he would have done it.

YOU TAKE WHAT YOU GET; ah yes, but you don’t get what you take.

LITTLE THINGS look best in small mirrors, and are more appreciated.

AN IDEAL is a negative. Make it a positive. You can.

IF YOU FAIL to discover new truths, repeat old ones that have been forgotten.

IF YOU DON’T keep your place, someone will take it. Can you object?

MAN MAKES MORE effort to steal a thing than to pay for it. Why?

THE MORE WISE you are, the greater your personal responsibility to impart it.

TRY TO BE as good a loser as you are a winner, and you will feel more safe.

WHAT THE MIND is able to conceive, within the bounds of reason and common sense, may be realized.

MANY TIMES grief is a key to happiness, and failure a key to success.

IN SWATTING A FLY, you know, we often hit ourselves with more vigour than we intended.

IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT if you make yourself a prisoner by borrowing the rut of another.

IF YOU DEPRIVE YOURSELF of your duty by relieving another of his, your sin is two-fold.

YOU CAN CONVINCE a fool by just making a fool of him.

WHAT MAN HAS FREEDOM who does not seek bondage?

IT IS NOT ALL in how you live, but how you die, and why?

ONE WHO CANNOT TAKE his own medicine has no right to give it to others.

IT IS WELL TO REMEMBER that the corn on your foot hurts only you.

NO BIG SHEPHERD ignores the little shepherd as long as there is one lamb left.

THE MAN WHO DEALS IN FAITH has hope to give away.

ARE NOT MEETINGS the beginnings of separations?

WHERE ARE YOU GOING so fast to waste your time?

WHEN CHRIST SAID, “Feed my lambs”, He did not mean “Shear their wool and eat lamb chops.”

IT IS GOOD to have respect tested by the temperature of a fool.

ENJOY YOURSELF A LITTLE every day because it’s getting later than you think.

DON’T EXPECT cleanliness, order and respect where there is no pride.

WHY NOT SHOW people what they have got, instead of your picture of Micky Mouse?

THEY WERE ACTING a thing that was true; but not true in their acting.

HIS FALSE PRIDE and his own deception changed the name of God to Satan.

MAN MAKES HIMSELF believe he is better than anything else; and by that belief makes it come true.

IF YOU DON’T use your head, you’ll wear out your feet. Which do you need most?

WE LET OUR MINDS grow indefinitely, until we believe our wrong is right.

THERE IS NOT A MAN who is not interested in what concerns himself, either for or against him.

HE WHO STEALS the truth binds himself to it.

CAN WE SAY that the visible world is the perishable explanation of the eternal truth?

HE WHO CALLS FOR HELP before danger, warns the wolf when to attack.

A MAN who has to live on the past is a scavenger.

WE OFTEN FIND the truth when too late to use it; friends when we lose them; love at the door of the grave.

GOD GAVE EACH a little flame and a gallon of water, so each can come home under his own steam.


WHERE HAS YOUR ENEMY gone when you have made a friend of him?

TRY TO FORGET yourself, so you will not remember the ailments you haven’t got.

IF YOU CAN THINK YOURSELF what you want to be, then you already are.

IF YOU are a butter and egg man, don’t forget that you must have cows and chickens.

EVEN IN A ROTTEN APPLE there is a seed that can produce an orchard; so why throw it away?

ANYTHING YOU DO is only as important as you make it, so far as you are concerned.

DOES NOT YOUR NEW responsibility often blind you to the old, normal joy: the simplicity that once was?

THERE IS NOTHING more truthful than the truth.

LET A DICTATOR beware when two great men agree in his community.

YOU MAY GENERALLY know what a man is worth according to what he does in his idle moments.

IF YOU HAVE A FEAR OF FALLING, see how far you can travel, not how high you can climb.

THE SWORD IS JEALOUS because of the arm that is weak.

ONE WHO ENGENDERS HATE by the sword of selfish criticism dies by the sword of justice.

WHY NOT ELIMINATE doubt and give your hope a chance to strengthen your faith in yourself?

THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY for a man to lose a real friend, and that is for him to lose himself.

A “BIG SHOT” is a little shot trying to be a big shot.

A THIEF steals from himself his clear conscience.

HE WHO HATES ANOTHER borrows from his victim, fear.

MAKE MEN fear your honesty, respect your understanding, and love your kindness.

A DOG ONLY BARKS; it requires man’s reason to know why.

THE CURE for idle misery is labor’s contentment.

HE WHO HOLDS HIS FIRE has always death to deal out.

THE WAGES of happiness are found in frugality and thrift.

EVERYBODY WANTS to wear diamonds but they don’t want to dig for them.


IF YOU ARE GUILTY of anything don’t look for powder or dynamite with a match.

NO MATTER WHO the pagan may be I shall still respect his God.

THERE IS SOMETHING suspected and expected of every man.

SOME PEOPLE won’t like what they could like, so they look for what they can’t like if they have it.

WE OFTEN SAVE our lives by the sacrifice of what we lost.

HOW EASY IT IS to get courage; and with courage, how easy it is to succeed!

IF ONE DOESN’T KNOW what to give, he has nothing to receive.

YOU ARE UNWORTHY of protection if you do not do your part, as weak as it may be, to prevent.

BE PATIENT! Eternity teaches us never to count.

THE MAN WHO ACTS with vulgarity has no respect for respect.

NEGLECTED VIRTUES become burdens of necessity.

GOD WAITS to win back His own flowers as gifts from man’s hands.

FORTUNATE IS THE MAN who knows his own faults and does not defend them.

NO ONE CARES to dry his face on a wet towel.

YOU GET JUST what you give; and what you take, you pay for. No man is exempt.

THE DIAMOND in the ring is safe only according to the wearer.

HE WHO TAKES NO advantage of others is doubly welcome by all, even a vicious dog.

WITH HONOR come responsibilities, and with responsibilities come worry if you don’t relax.

IF YOU CAN’T lengthen your life by years, do so by activity.

DON’T HAVE such respect for a person unworthy that it will make you lose respect for yourself.

IF YOU THINK you have time to burn, why not wait until after you die before blistering your friends.

BE SURE that your gratefulness is honest gratitude, and not a bait.

“I NEVER HURT ANYBODY.” No. But you don’t save anybody either.

IF YOU ACCEPT flattery, and thank the flatterer you give a receipt for counterfeit money.

ALL LIFE IS A LABOR until we love to labor, and then it is play.

THE LORD POINTS where the water is; man must make a pump.


BLESSED IS HE who knows what to do — and does it.

IT IS ONLY A FOOL who can be discourteous.

IN THE WORLD OF DISCORD EVERY deed done must be accounted for by him who did it.

PEOPLE WHO THINK OUT LOUD are just as shallow as what they say.

POWER is for him who is strong enough to harness it, and wise enough to use it properly.

A MAN WHO IS ALIVE can no more prove he is alive than a man who is dead can prove he is dead.

WE LIVE WITHIN THE TRUE LAW only when we are not aware of anything else.

GOD PUTS INTO the brain of man the value of his existence. Thus a fool treads where angels fear.

IF YOU HAVE something to give, where did you get it?

MOST OF US TRY to labor when we are old, but can’t; most of us can, when young, but we won’t.

IF YOU WANT to respect yourself, look into the mirror ever day and see if you can.

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED to make each eye do its own seeing? Try it.

WHEN YOU ARE virtuous you can sin; but when you are not virtuous, you are a sinner.

WHERE IT IS FOLLY to be wise, it must be wise to be foolish.

DO YOU POSSESS your wife’s body, heart and mind, respect, love and soul? Someone does.

FAITH REMOVES MOUNTAINS by removing you to where there are no mountains.

I HAVE NEVER YET seen love forced, sold or bought; but I have seen it exchanged.

ONE MAY ASSUME a new environment by what memory has recorded, but find reality not the same.

ONE FORGETS TO PLAY when one stimulates ambition too far.

THEY ALL WANT a clear conscience, and to have a clear conscience they’ve got to do some camouflaging.

OFTEN TRUTH is what dreams are made of.

MEMORY HAS A WAY to shape dreams without restrictions or tinsel. Then we wonder why.

SOME WELL-TO-DO MEN who were once poor, still believe, think and act it.

THE BIRTH OF THE SOUL is when it bursts the bonds of materialism.

CAN THERE BE any inheritance in fame?

TO PRAY is to listen to a spiritual message for one’s good.

INVINCIBLE IS HE whom you cannot harm by criticism or revenge.

IF YOU ARE HOMELY, dress up your best; but if you are beautiful, dress simply.

SOME MEN work for money; other men make money work for them.

IDLENESS and good food invite the most vicious habits of mankind.

A STRANGE, NEW GUN is dangerous at both ends, even if not loaded.

THE ONE WHO SAYS, “I am the Dictator!” isn’t.

IF YOU KNOW what might be, your intuition will tell you what will be.

A FULL CAPACITY in nature demands delivery, or the penalty of forfeiture.

WHAT’S WORTH SAYING need not be said, but should be remembered.

MAN BUT TUNES IN to God so he may find Him within himself.

WHY DOES FEAR follow the death of desire, where faith doubts and hope turns into despair.

HALF THE WORLD’S BATTLES are lost by the efforts to win them.

YOU BLEW UP your dynamite without knowing what it was.

A NEW BROOM sweeps no cleaner than an old one. It depends on the hands that grasp it. It is the ambition of him who sweeps.

A MAN WHO TALKS TOO MUCH has already neglected his day’s labor.

EPITAPH: For the lack of ambition to blind his fear he remained a coward.

THERE IS STILL more hope for fools that are than those that were.

LET THE TROUBLES of others burn out your own.

THE VALUE of a pitcher is known only after it is broken; and then it is useless.

WHEN YOU FLATTER your friend you strengthen his vanity and adulterate his virtues.

NO ONE CAN TELL how cold it is until he can tell how warm it was.

A FOOL may find fault with you; but are you wise enough to recognize your own?

THE MAN WHO PLAYS FAIR and loses, wins.

THE MAN WHO CAN lose himself in his work will find himself in his play.

IT’S A CLEVER MAN who can force a favor upon you when you needed none to be indebted to him.

IF YOU HAVE something to give away, and don’t, then it is lost to you.

THE MAN WHO IS remembered most, was most.

WHEN GOD can trust you, you are apt to live up to it.

HE WHO CRITICISES the good bread offered, is not hungry — but soon will be.

TAKE A LITTLE, improve a little, and leave a little, to be remembered a little.

SOME MEN who want to be good, try so hard that they become bad.

MEN ARE CHOSEN who are best able to do what is best, under the law of moral compensation.

THE MAN WHO GIVES of himself lives the length of its value even though he be dead.

WHEN A MAN ADMITS he knows nothing, he is measuring what he doesn’t know.

IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA and wait too long to express it, it dies. Most intentions die before they are born.

YOU ARE YOUNGER today than you ever will be. Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow.

YOUR FEAR makes you lose. Knowing this, you can win.

YOU CANNOT LOSE what is yours. Whether you go higher or lower you will land where you fit.

WHAT BARGAIN have you made with your digestive organs that you are so abusive of them?

THE MAN WHO LIVES within the chamber of licentious thoughts must expect to pay its rent.

YOU ARE USING ten dollars worth of bait for ten cents of fish.

SINCE LOSING YOUR MONEY haven’t you found what you thought you lost long ago?

YOU NEED NEVER BE A PRISONER, not even in forced solitary confinement, unless you strangle your will.

VERY FEW MEN have ever died of hard work; most of them die of worrying over it.

SOMETIMES there is a greater reward in failure than in success.

IF YOU THINK NOT, then you will do twice: you will pay up and still be in debt.

THE MAN WHO THINKS he is being persecuted, is; but usually it is only by himself.

HE WHOM YOU CONVINCE against his will, will curse you for knowing his weakness.

NEVER TRY to beat a fool; for when you do, you’re a bigger one.

THE TRAGEDY IS that most couples don’t know the law of love and companionship.

OUR FEAR OF IT gives birth to what would never happen if we forgot it.

AS LONG AS HALF of the people are not taught how to live, the other half know what to live on.

HE WHO HOLDS HIS TEMPER is greater than the man who provokes it.

YOU CAN’T convince a fool, but you can fool a wise man.

MANY A GOOD IDEA has been hid under a bum hat.

WHY STOP in the middle of the desert just because you got through the jungle?

THE TIME TO BE CAUTIOUS is when you don’t want to want.

ONE WHO CAN TOUCH the depths of sorrow and emerge with a smile, is worthy of the greatest joy.

IF YOU HAVE NO HOPE, then create a Want, to give birth to hope.

FAR BETTER REVEAL the truth than criticise the lack of it, for want of it yourself.

A PARROT may teach another all it knows; still neither one knows what he is talking about.

IS IT ENOUGH to find gold, or love? Or must we make use of it and preserve it to live?

YOUR STRENGTH is judged by those who love you; your reputation by those who don’t.

IF YOU CAN’T find the truth direct, check up on lies.

LIVE AND LET LIVE — but beware of the man who laughs.

A PERSON who does not improve things is not improving himself.

IF A MAN HAS SOMETHING better than you have, give him credit. Take off your hat to him — and steal his.

MANY PEOPLE LET the left hand of vice destroy the right hand of virtue.

THE RICH MAN who takes out of the poor box loses what he has.

THE WORLD is as bad and deformed as the glasses we use.

LIKE THE FRUIT TREE man must bear or be buried.

THERE IS JUST as much of a trick in waiting for something to come, as in doing it.

THE REASON eternity is known and tasted by those in love is because they pay no attention to time.

MOST OF US don’t know how or when to grasp; some don’t know how and when to let go.

IT IS MORE IMPORTANT sometimes to sustain your reputation than to make one.

TO THE MAN who can ignore a thing it is not.

SOME PEOPLE TAKE NARCOTICS to forget something they will never forget.

OUR BAD HABITS make us prisoners, and our false pride is the jailer that keeps us there.

WE ALWAYS lose sight of what we’ve got, in our efforts to obtain what we haven’t got.

IF YOU CAN’T THINK it out, you can’t act it out.

IF YOU HAVE A BIG LOAD don’t stop, or you may have to hire another load to start up again.

THERE MAY NOT ALWAYS be smoke where there is fire, but there is always fire where there is smoke.

THE COMPLETION OF LOVE carries one into the presence of God.

SIT DOWN AND MEDITATE: from within, a new world shall be born, in place of what you are forced to accept.

OFTEN WHEN YOU become blind and stubborn, you are not a leader; neither a follower.

YOU ARE ASKED for the Hand of God, to be led; so why do you lead Him?

IF YOU LOSE YOURSELF serving men God will find you to be served.

THE WORLD NEEDS MEN of quality, self-appointed, who know and know that they know how to meet problems for those too blind who use telescopes and microscopes to see with procrastination while starving to death today.

PERIODICALLY IN HISTORY the ground of man’s mind is plowed under, everything apparently uprooted into uncertainty. How else shall the old habits of thought be broken up to clear the way for a new epoch?

NOW BEGINS an epoch of permanent constructiveness after destructive fermentation of insincere human emotions fertilized in virgin soil by the ill-gotten grains of selfish greed, strengthening newborn virtue by dead vices.

GOD HAS been giving real men their best chance now to prove manhood and still exist. A test has been made, and is being made, by Nature’s game of elimination which always precedes a new era. The kettle boiling over always separates the impure from the pure, so that everyone has an opportunity to make good who has previously failed.

THE WORLD is waiting for facts that can be eaten for today, and used for tomorrow. All men and women are beginning to wake up. Many have already awakened. New plans, systems, organizations, fraternities, methods, styles have been and are springing up, and will spring up from every State; not alone to economize, and to prevent waste, but to awaken Art, Music, Science, Literature, Fraternalism and that neighbourly, loving constitution “for the other fellow”.

This had to come. If we do not let go of one bead of the Rosary, we shall never reach the Cross.

WHO AMONG US, the living, today are worthy to lead, to admonish and to judge morals, deeds and actions? Are they of the wealthy who have not earned it? Those who have, but are not able to use it judiciously? The very poor who have nothing to enable them to judge its value? The philosopher who may know, but be influenced only by his own sacrifice? He of a tribe that has not been allowed voice for centuries, but a slave to the stronger who accepted and became stronger in physical power only, where might was right? Or should not that hand of progress accept one finger from each, as a complete Hand, of the viewpoint of the Human Race: so that the human family on earth may be complete according to credit due in labor, love and understanding?

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