Literary Works

During our cleaning and restoration we have been compiling the works, published and unpublished, of Joseph Sadony.  We would like to share   what he has written with everyone that wishes to read his works.

Please choose below for the literary works of Joseph Sadony that you would like to view.

Gates of the Mind Pine Needles enLIGHT'NING FLASHes Plastic Prose Silent Wanderer Book of Crumbs I Book of Crumbs II

The Human Radio Bow of the Ship




The Turtle Caravel News


(Many more pages will be added as we continue our journey through)





(All the works on this website are copy written and the sole property of the Joseph Sadony Estate.  Unauthorized duplication or use is forbidden, please contact the Director of the Joseph Sadony Estate if you have questions or wish to use any parts of this collection.  Thank You.)