Who was Joseph Alexander Sadony?

Joseph Sadony was a philosopher and a spiritualist who studied every religion in the world and yet was very much a Christian.

Joseph worked for Theodore Roosevelt and was involved with the Hollywood film making.  He was a scientist and inventor who held many patents, conducted numerous experiments and sold many inventions.

Joseph worked extensively with his hands, building and constructing almost entirely by himself a paradise which he aptly named “The Valley of the Pines” on an 80 acre estate located in Montague, Michigan.

Joseph was an advisor and teacher with highly developed intuition and mental sensitivity who advised and corresponded with the business of the world, well known and famous persons, as well as ordinary men and women from all over the world.  He was very active in the community while also serving as constable and sheriff in Muskegon County.

Joseph Sadony was an amazing man who did more in his 83 years than most could do in several lifetimes.  Come with us, his grand son and family, on an incredible journey while we resurrect and restore his wonderful estate located on Sadony Bayou with amazing views of Lake Michigan to its original era of splendor.

Joseph A. Sadony was born in Mountbauer, Germany, February 22, 1877.  He came with his parents to the United States when he was a small boy, and spent his childhood in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Later his family moved to Chicago, where as a teen-ager he was able, through his innate mental powers, to solve crimes which baffled Chicago police.  Soon the police were making regular use of his special abilities.  Later he spent a period of time in the West, where he conducted for President Theodore Roosevelt a special investigation of conditions on Indian reservations.  In 1906 he married Lillian Mary Kochem of Kentucky.  The same year he bought the eighty-acre estate near Muskegon, which he had visualized in precise physical detail, although he had never before seen it, and which was to be his home for the remainder of his life.  It was on these grounds that he established his Educational Research Laboratories where he conducted his scientific work.

In his laboratories on his eighty-acre estate on White Lake, Michigan, near Muskegon, Sadony spent many years in scientifically proving his theories, many of which he knew intuitively.  Behind his experiments and writings was the basic purpose to free the mind of man from restrictions of environment, faulty thinking, false intellectual concepts and all other impediments to a true understanding of himself and the cosmos.  He saw in man an extraordinary potential which such freedom could bring.  His own intuitive abilities – powers which he said a possessed by everyone, though usually dormant – enabled him to predict future events accurately, to “see” happenings in far-distant parts of the world.

Throughout his life of eighty-three years the late Joseph Sadony, scientist, philosopher, inventor and poet, searched for the truth about man, God and the universe.  “Seek the truth,” he said, “and when you have found it, follow it, for it is God.”  Perhaps, more than any other man of out time, he found the truth for which all men, to greater or lesser degree, seek.

What Sadony sought – and found – was a universal law applicable to all science, nature and human nature.  Through his studies of atomic energy, gravitation, electricity, light, heat, magnetism and other scientific matters, he determined upon the unity of all things; atoms, molecules, human beings, the world about us, and galaxies of stars.  All, including the body and mind of man, are one, each and all constantly receiving and emitting radiant energy.

Although Sadony was well known to scientists, philosophers and world leaders – among his hundreds of correspondents he numbered Gandhi, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Kipling, Tagore, King Gustav V of Sweden, King George VI of England and Admiral Byrd – he avoided personal publicity and was little known to the general public.

(Excerpt from Joseph A. Sadony’s book: “Gates of the Mind”)

And in answer to those who may ask “Who is Joseph Sadony?” we quote data contained in Who’s Who in Michigan and Who’s Who in the Central States:

SADONY, Joseph A. Founder and director, Educational Research Laboratories, Montague, Michigan; columnist, Muskegon Chronicle (Mich.) since 1929 Home: “Valley of the Pines,” Montague, Michigan; b. Montabaur, near Ems, Germany, Feb. 22, 1877; s. Alexander Nichols and Apollonia Reipert) S.; m. Mary Lillian Kochem, in 1906; ch. Joseph Jr. (1909). Came with parents to America in 1894 and located in Kalamazoo, Mich.; later moved to Chicago; traveled in West, walking eighteen hundred miles on foot investigating conditions in Indian Reservations for Theodore Roosevelt. In 1908 returned to Michigan and purchased 80 acre estate now known as the “Valley of the Pines” which he equipped with shops and laboratories later known as the Educational Research Laboratories, affiliated with Valley Research Corporation. Held office as constable, justice of the peace, spl. Deputy sheriff, school moderator, dir. of the district school board, etc. Has done much good in his guidance and help to people and carries on an extensive correspondence throughout the world as “philosopher, guide and friend” (without compensation) to many thousands of people. For several years editor and publisher of The Whisper an Independent, international journalette of Prevenient Thought) and the “Voice of Tomorrow Calendar.” Originator of “Plastic Prose” as a literary form adapted to radio script; author of Fragments in Plastic Prose, My Answers, and other works; technical papers: “Concerning Tidal Effects on Atmospheric Diathermancy,” “The Function of Gravitation in the Determination of the Fundamental Constants and Ratios of the Physical Sciences,” etc.; research developments and patents: moisture vapor barrier materials used by armed forces during the war; apparatus and methods of sonic analysis for detection of defects in exhaust valves and other mental automotive parts. Member American Association for the Advancement of Science; Mason (past master, Montague Lodge No. 198 F. & A.M.); demit to Whitehall Lodge No. 310; Muskegon Commandery No. 22, Knight Templar, life member; served as organist for the Eastern Star (Mrs. Sadony being past worthy matron); Saladin Temple, AAONMS. Life member; De Witt Clinton Consistory, Grand Rapids.


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  1. Hello Again,

    This is Laraine Goetting, Joseph’s great great niece. I am wondering how Joseph could have married in 1906 when the Chicago Newspapers said he was sued for divorce from his first wife in 1908? I’m doing family genealogy and am confused about his two marriages and family. It seems the first marriage overlapped that second, and that the second marriage was to a teenager, someone who was about 16 or 17. Is this correct? Thank you!

  2. How interesting! I recently purchased an antique book “Ancient Symbol Worship” by Hodder M. Westropp, 1874, and the legend


    is embossed on the top of the title page. So I presume this title was from his private library. Nice to learn a little history about him.

  3. Having just stumbled upon your Grandfather’s name and background I was so very pleased to find this site ! And to find some of his work, in his own words – a real treasure I’m just beginning to realize.

    I have no doubt that your Grandfather’s spirit is more than ‘tickled’ by what you are doing here. He was a man ahead of his time. I, for one, am so very grateful that you recognize that his gifts are gifts to all of Humanity.

    Thank you, Brian C Vancouver, BC

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